Even Better Than Any Gym

Online Personal Training is simple, saves a lot of time, no one is watching you during your workouts, you are in the most comfortable place-home and your children can be around while you working out or even be included in your workouts.


There Are Many More Great Benefits Of Online Personal Training.



Online Personal Training Sessions

Training & Nutrition Plan

My training and nutrition plan will be personalised to suit goals of people, of all fitness levels - beginner, intermediate or advanced. Each workout duration will be 30 - 45 or 60 minutes, depending on your fitness goal and level. During my workouts you will get description on how to perform each exercise with correct form and tips. I will use specific training systems to make each workout intense and progressive. You will receive 100 % Personalized Meal Plan to support your goals. 


Before starting  with any workout or any nutrition plan, we will fill together "Assessment Form" for to get relevant personal information, including current health status, dietary and food habits, current training, preferred exercises, desired goals. That will help     to speed up the process of reaching your goal in healthy and safe way.                                                        


Below You Can Download an "Assessment Form"