Online One-On-One sessions with a personal trainer is all about you. Training program is gonna be made according to your specific goals, timeframe, body shape, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements and lifestyle. I know, that I can help you to change your life, because I already helped so many people to change theirs.

Online One-On-One training is  very effective, whether you goal is weight loss, fat loss, boosting energy levels, improving you posture, flexibility and more.

Online personal training is simple, affordable,saves a lot of time and you are in the most comfortable place-home.


I will design you an individual nutrition plan, which is very important for reaching your goal and will show you how healthy meals can be not boring and very delicious. I also will share with you my favourite recipes.

Online Personal Training Session







Online Personal Training it's quite new in the market, but rapidly growing, there is why.

First, affordability. Not everyone can afford membership in the gym and also pay for one-on-one training sessions. You might will need more then one session with a personal trainer for to be able to achieve your fitness goal, and that can be pricey. Single skype/facetime session 30/45/60 minutes, will cost you 20% less, then normal personal training, this is why you can afford more training sessions and reach your desired goals faster.

Second, communicatio & motivation. With online training you can message your trainer anytime. Being online means the lines of communication are always open. I'l be messaging and checking your progress each week and making sure that you are doing your workouts and following healthy nutrition plan.

Online One-On-One personal training is simple, affordable, saves a lot of time, no one is watching you during your workouts, you are in the most comfortable place-home and your children can be around while you working out or even be included in your workouts. 

With all the business it can be extremely challenging to get in the car, drive to the gym, workout, drive back.

Using Online One-On-One PT, you can get fit without sabotaging your pressures time and stay healthy. 



Online Small Group-Partner Personal Training Session

Training with group or partner can be more motivating for some people, than training alone. Seeing other people exercising next to you, can give you the boost you need to keep moving. Just like one-on-one sessions, group personal training will deliver you a great results and for some clients, could be even more fun, then one-on-one training session. Choosing outdoor group session, you will get some extra benefits too. Small group training allows personal trainer to work with more people at once. For "partner" personal training session (2 people max), price will be dropped to 40% off from standard training session p/p (let's say one-on-one training session - 50 euro per hour, then for single person price will be only 30 euro per hour), for "small group" personal training session (max 6 people) price per person will be 15 euro.