Bodyweight Exercises

Getting fit doesn't have to be complicated. If you just started your fitness journey and you are not sure what equipment you need, just simple bodyweight exercises can be a great choice. Bodyweight exercises are great, because they can be easily modified by adding extra reps, performing exercises faster or slower, taking shorter breaks and with each added modification, you obviously progress. Bodyweight movements offer lots of benefits, especially if you are beginner and new to resistance training. Whether you are at home, at the gym, in a hotel room or outside in the park bodyweight training can be the perfect training tool.

Resistance Training

Starting to use some extra resistance or any other training equipment  it is important to pay attention to safety and good form to reduce the risk of injury. The best way is to have a professional who can help you to develop a safe, effective training program and to help you to choose the right equipment.

Basic Equipment

Exercise Mat

Fitness mat would be the best to use. But you can use also a Yoga mat.


Stability Ball

Stability Bals comes in different sizes, depending on your length, weight and fitness level. Find the best ball for you (google it).


1/2 Pair Of Dumbbells/ 

The best is to invest in adjustable pair of dumbbells. This way you can have all needed weight for different exercises.


Resistance Band/ Tubes

There are different resistance bands available on the market. The most common ones are "stripe", or 'tube'.

Extra Equipment

Jumping Rope

It's a great calorie burner, improves cardiovascular fitness and tones muscles.The most inexpensive equipment of all and you can take it with you anywhere. 


It's a great peace of equipment to help build lean muscle, improve your core strength  and fat loss. 

Aerobic Step

Improves cardiovascular health, will  tone and strengthen every muscle in your legs and buttocks. Workouts on step increases your metabolism.

Pull-up Bar

You can do great workout only with pull-up bar. Exercises with pull up bar are compound, targets multiple muscle groups and exelent for your upper body. 

TRX Suspension Trainer

Great and simple method of exercise can allow anyone to reach they goals by using TRX, like weight loss, muscle tone, also improve core strength, stability and body balance.

Foam Roller

It can be used as part of daily routine: helps to increase blood flow and loosens muscles, better range of motion, decreases injury risk, decreases recovery time, delivers faster results

Ankle Weights

If you like to add challenge to your workouts, just a simple pair of ankle weights can deliver the benefits you want. Tones and shapes legs, great for abdominal workouts.